Grand Central Engagement – Rachel + Conor

This was one of my first sessions since early March (thanks to covid) and I was admittedly a little nervous. It felt like since I had last photographed a couple in love, our whole world had shifted and I was anxious to be out and about in the city again… at the exact same time I was really EXCITED.

It felt oddly comfortable to ride the subway and as soon as I settled in behind my camera, I felt a burst of life I hadn’t felt in months.

And these two. They are as wonderful as two people can get. I knew when we talked on the phone we would get along, but by the end of their session, I felt like I had just spent the last 2 hours with dear friends I had known for years!

They have a love that is playful and kind, they are quick to laugh, and together, they exude such a positive and uplifting energy ❤️

Many of you know NYC summers and it’s random, but torrential downpours, right?? Well… we checked the weather over and over again and while we saw some rain on the forecast, we all decided to just bring along some clear umbrellas and go with it 😉 As soon as we left Grand Central Station (it was the quietest I have ever seen it and truly significant for them as they met on a train!!) and made our way to Central Park, I noticed the sky start to darken and once we were out and shooting, it started POURING (like buckets and buckets of water just falling from the sky with not end in sight)… we used the umbrellas for a few minutes, but then Rachel and Conor looked at each other and said ‘screw it’, tossed the umbrellas off to the side, and danced (literally) in the rain. It was magical and we couldn’t stop laughing and I could barely see out of my viewfinder with all the water and we ended up creating some of my favorite images to date! We even ended up with a RAINBOW at the end of the shoot!!

Many (many) thanks to R+C for their kindness, positive attitude, willingness to have FUN, and just overall being a complete joy to be around. I can’t wait for your wedding next year!